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  • Barney

November 2022 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

The long hot summer is but a distant memory and winter golf is truly bedding in. I got a decent soaking on Tuesday even in my covered bays as sadly the wind decided to blow the rain straight in, rather than coming straight down, which is my preferred style of rain!


Still good fortune sees my out in Portugal for a couple of weeks of what I gamely call work and in my next Newsletter I will put some irritating pictures of me in the sun, which I know everyone enjoys :-)


Recently I did a winter piece with our friends at Golf Monthly Magazine and I thought I would share some of these ideas with you as hopefully they will help your winter game. Clearly with a change in ground conditions and cooler air quality, (although not in Portugal I think you'll find :-)) making a few adjustments will help your scores and keep up your levels of enjoyment. Please click this link here to see the first of my articles including YouTube video.


Enjoy your golf wherever you are.

All the best


Fellow of the PGA

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