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Barney's Xmas Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to wish you all seasonal salutations and good golf in 2023 and what's left of 2022 come to that! Amazing the temperatures are nearly 15 to 20 degrees different to just over a week ago and with this in mind I wanted to include this piece on our cold weather yardages, which hopefully you find useful over the next month or two. Please click this link here as it is amazing the difference air temperatures make to our golf ball, so definitely worth considering.


As the old year disappears and a new one is about to unfold it is always a time of reflection. For me having been involved in the golf industry for over 40 years (as previously mentioned I did turn Pro when I was still in nursery :-), the upsurge of interest in our wonderful game is truly heart warming and there are positive signs that people are staying and the game continues to grow despite the economic pressures.


At Mid Herts it has been great to see the new members that have joined in the past few years and the exciting regeneration of the Junior section. For me the only blot on the landscape is at the upper echelons of the men's Professional game, that of the new LIV Circuit and the defection of so many top players. The rancour and various mud slinging that has gone on is unedifying and my wish is that in 2023 they can sort their differences and the Majors we all love to watch will have the best possible fields playing in them.


On the subject of reflection, it is useful to review our own games and consider where we can improve. This may be in the form of our own technique, so resolving to have a lesson in the New Year to check fundamentals etc is a good idea. It could be time to review our equipment and in the New Year I will be outlining some plans we have to help you on this. Looking at your swing speed is another area, make up of our wedges another or just reviewing the grips are all things that will have a positive effect. Finally it could be our own physique and only last week I was watching the Pro family event in the States and although we are used to the 87 year old Gary Player jumping about, Lee Trevino talked enthusiastically about losing some weight and gaining flexibility and he is also north of 80! So what I'm saying is that there is always time to improve and the fun bit is the journey.

Wishing you and yours a great festive season and a blessed New Year.

All the best


Fellow of the PGA



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