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Barney's Christmas 2019 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my last newsletter of the year, which has had some incredible sport played with golf, cricket, rugby and athletics to the fore. I have really enjoyed this year as I have met some great people and visited some super venues. My particular favourites were Biarritz, Perthshire and our recent trip to Mauritius which exceeded expectations in food, weather, golf and horse racing. With my own coaching I have been fortunate to work with some fabulous new students and it is always lovely to work with my regulars, some of whom have been coming for over two decades!


The UK golf courses face a tough winter as they are already so saturated from Novembers exceptional rainfall. Hopefully some cold frosty weather is on its way to firm up the fairways, as getting a firm base to swing from on our fairways is proving difficult. Having travelled extensively in the past few years it's always nice to return to my golfing home at Mid Herts and enjoy the condition of the course which has again in 2019 been excellent. I take my hat off to Jody and his brilliant team for their hard work and enthusiasm to keep the course in first class shape.

The winter does bring challenges when it comes to chipping as we can often face some bare lies around the green. Have a look at this YouTube tip that I hope will help you when faced with one of those confidence sapping lies.


Pro golf this year has been 1st class. An amazing start to this years Majors with Tiger Woods comeback victory at the Masters, which looked impossible given where his health was a few years ago. The Open at Portrush was marvellous and won with considerable aplomb by Shane Lowry. Guinness production must have increased substantially to keep up with the celebrations around the world for that win! Speaking of talented Irishmen, Rory had a terrific end to his season winning the Fed Ex Cup and the $15 million that went with it. Incredible to think that since August his stroke average is 67.5 and an observation by my friend David Short is that by using the SSS on the courses he played, his handicap would work out around +10, which is an eye watering thought.


We are off to Portugal for the festive season again this year as we really love the dynamic of Christmas and New Year in the Algarve.

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and peaceful Xmas and a blessed 2020.

All the best


Fellow of the PGA



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