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Barney's June 2017 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

The start of the summer is normally announced by flaming June, however at the moment it is definitely raining June! I am sure by the middle of the month we can venture on to the golf course thinking more about “have I put sun cream on” rather than whether I have water proofs and a spare towel in the bag. The professional game is as ever providing some amazing golf for us all to aspire to and this year’s Open will be really fascinating with hopefully all the main contenders fully fit. This assumes that Dustin Johnson can negotiate the stairs okay and Rory doesn’t decide to go sky diving or white water rafting a day or two beforehand! I would love a European winner and having watched Alex Noren at Wentworth, would be plumping for him to make a strong showing. Another man I think could pop up is the wonderful Andrew “Beef” Johnson, who qualified at Walton Heath and perhaps follow Michael Campbell who did that in 2005 and went on to win the event. I will also be focussing on a young professional, Matt Wallace from Moor Park, who I know from when I was involved in Herts County Coaching and he was the Herts Boys Captain in 2009. He has plugged away on the mini tours over the past few years and now has elevated himself on the European Tour, via winning the Portuguese Open. Matt also qualified at Walton Heath with a very impressive 9 under par for 36 holes. However, my main thought on a winner is Ricky Fowler, who is as the say now “trending” and he has all the credentials to win a Major.

I have just completed an article for Golf Monthly Magazine on Ricky's swing and having studied it at great length have decided it is bullet proof.

Mentioning my Golf Monthly work, many thanks to so many of you who commented on my pieces and the booklet I did with Tyrell Hatton, in the May edition of the magazine, on the wedge and putter game. Tyrell got to film his part in Dubai adn I did mine in a studio in Farnborough!


I thought I would take the opportunity in this this newsletter to expand on what I am doing, as quite a few of you have asked. From now until October, I am generally coaching at Mid Herts Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. My availability can be found on the website or you can contact me on my mobile. In addition, I have been fortunate in being asked to provide coaching on Golf Days for various companies. I am also working with David Short Golf doing weekend Golf & Coaching in the UK during the summer and Escorted Golf Tours from Autumn through to Spring. I will be in Tenerife for two weeks in November, followed by Portugal and then Thailand in February. Several of my students have joined me for various events, so if you fancy a trip somewhere warm, have a look at the David Short site here and you can join me!


I have also been writing a few articles for Women & Golf Magazine and here is one of my pieces on Charley Hull and her pre putt routine.


Towards the end of the summer the Trilby Tour will be culminating in the finals and I will be there again in a coaching and commentating capacity. The programmes will start be aired on Sky Sports later in October, so keep them peeled for yours truly.


Enjoy your golf this month on and off the fairways!

All the best


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