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  • Barney

25 Feb 2016 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Last week's Northern Trust Open on the PGA Tour was won by the golf genius that is Bubba Watson, moving him up to 4th in the world rankings. Whenever I see him, I always feel that if Walt Disney had invented a golfing cartoon character it would have come out like Bubba. His prodigious length and incredible shot making skills are just surreal. He is blessed with fantastic hands, an ingenious homemade swing and an imagination of epic proportions. Fellow competitor Adam Scott was watching him on the range at a recent tournament and just marvelled as in consecutive shots with a 5-iron, Bubba hit to targets at 85, 120, 170 and 240 yards! As we know, golf at times is about as frustrating a game as it gets so keeping an even keel on the course is a key component to scoring well. In the same event, last year's Open Championship runner-up, Marc Leishman, revealed how a bizarre reaction to medication, given to him mistakenly, affected his play. He had a blemish checked out and the local Doctor thought it was a spider bite so gave him some antihistamines. They affected Marc's equilibrium so much so, this normal gentle giant turned into, as he described, a 'rage machine'. After a couple of days of hurled clubs and frustrated growls, it turned out the bite was from bed bugs in the hotel he was staying in. His calm restored and he could enjoy the weekend off, as sadly his altered state led to him missing the cut. So I suppose the moral of this story is try and keep your cool on the golf course, and as my Mother used to say when I went to bed: 'Good night and hope the bed bugs don't bite' which when I was small I wondered about, however she was right!

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