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  • Barney

18 Feb 2016 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

Last week was the star-studded Pebble Beach Pro-Am, an event filled with celebrities and golf professionals. A super Cinderella story emerged as Vaughn Taylor carded an amazing final round 65 to win by one shot from Phil Mickelson (or lefty as US commentators like to call him). Vaughn played in the 2006 Ryder Cup, however since 2011 his golfing fortunes had gone into reverse, so much so he only got into the tournament as a last minute alternate. He and his amateur partner also ended up winning the Pro-Am part of the event so double bubble (as some UK commentators would say!). The other great gift this bestows on him is a berth in this year's Masters, and as he lives in Augusta it is pretty convenient too. It is now 50 events since Phil Mickelson won on Tour, however before you start thinking of starting an online collection for the poor boy, I did note in a recent top 50 money list that Phil rolled in at number two with just north of 52 million dollars, with 50% of that in off-course earnings. Not surprisingly Jordan Spieth was number one, however what was really interesting was that at 86 years old, Arnold Palmer was 5th scooping up 40 million bucks and at 80 Gary Player's off-course earnings are more than twice that of Rickie Fowler's. So the morale of that is, keep practicing... Golf Ball Amnesty - Speaking of practising as spring is on its way, I wondered if when you are having your annual clear out, if you happen upon some golf balls that won't make your bag for playing with, could you donate them for our budding juniors who use them in our practise sessions?! Sadly some of them disappear into next door's field and our stock is looking a little depleted for this year's campaign. I was chatting with one of the members the other day who was bemoaning his lack of luck on the course, and said to me 'you know if I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck at all'. So with that in mind, I happened upon this fun selection of lucky breaks which hopefully will inspire or at least get you to raise your eyebrows. Watch the luckiest shots from the European Tour here.

Hopefully your highs will outweigh your lows this week on the course, and enjoy this week’s articles.

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